Exercises to get a bulky ass

Today, without a doubt, the beauty patterns have changed towards a rather thin body and with hardly any shapes like that of some models, towards the athletic canon, showing a firm and toned body.

This is why the buttock, one of the most outstanding parts of the female anatomy, has gone from wanting to be reduced to, on the contrary, wanting a rounded and upturned shape, increasing its volume, as many public figures have popularized.
While it is true that on many occasions this increase may be due to exogenous factors that are unaffordable for most budgets, there are specific exercises that can help achieve this goal, and that must be done, especially at first, under the supervision of a professional to do it right.

Exercises to increase the butt with volume

  • Deep squat Squats are the quintessential exercise to work the buttocks and legs. To focus more on the former, it should be executed with a deeper stroke than usual, with a wider leg opening.
  • Dead weight. This exercise is ideal to do with an external weight, such as a bar, dumbbell or kettlebell. Standing, with your feet shoulder-width apart, lower your body with your back straight to the ground, keeping your legs semi-flexed-not fully stretched-and your head facing forward. Make the descent slower than the ascent to increase intensity.
  • Walking in lunge or stride. To carry out this, you must have a space where you can walk a certain distance. To make it more intense, dumbbells or other weights are held in both hands and we walk, changing legs each time, taking long steps and keeping both knees bent with the weight towards the ground. The arms should be stretched out to the sides, supporting the weight of the external material downwards.
  • Hip thrust. This is one of the star exercises to increase the gluteus and is widely used in bodybuilding routines. You need a bench or step to support your back, and a weight such as a disc or a bar, which is loaded in the uppermost part of the thighs, helping us with the hands. Next, as if it were a bridge, the hip must be raised as high as possible, lowering it more slowly than the ascent.

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