Easy exercises to get a 10 ass at home

The gluteus is one of the parts of the body that women always want to improve, and it is usually one of the most frequent requests when it comes to carrying out training routines or targeted classes focused on working it, especially as summer approaches and we have more opportunities. to teach it. Although it’s a normal, everyday situation, you don’t have to wait to focus on exercising your butt to be able to show it off in jeans or a bikini. But, what happens if due to time, finances, or simply because we don’t feel like it or we believe that what we do is not enough- we don’t have the opportunity to work and exercise to have an enviable ass ?? Keep reading and discover the options you have to do at home, comfortably and without taking up a lot of time.

Home exercises to get an enviable ass

  • Bulgarian squat. It is done in a similar way to the lunge or stride, the only difference is that the back foot must rest on a chair, sofa…so that it has an important balance component, in addition to the intensity of the exercise focused on the lower body.
  • One leg bridge. This is the basic bridge exercise, raising the hips from the ground keeping feet flat and knees bent, but adding more difficulty and more gluteal work when doing it with one leg stretched up.
  • Hip abduction. Lie on your side, leaning on your arm or elbow. The leg that remains on top must be fully stretched, to then raise it and lower it without actually resting it on the other or the ground. It is important not to bend the knee and feel the leg in tension.
  • Sit fast. This exercise is very easy and effective. Try, on a chair or other surface, to sit down with your butt well back, without fully supporting it, and quickly get up again.
  • Kick squat. With the legs together, lower the body like a squat, taking the weight towards the heels and the back straight, and when going up, raise one leg back, stretched and tight.

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