5 exercises that strengthen the bone system

Diet plays a fundamental role when it comes to strengthening the bones and preventing the appearance of future bone-type diseases. In addition to a healthy diet, it is very important to carry out a series of physical exercises that help to avoid injuries and help a totally healthy development of all the bones.

5 exercises to strengthen bones

  • It is a perfect exercise to strengthen the bones and glutes of your body. To do this, separate your legs and with your back completely straight, go down to half height and go back up. Do 3 sets of about 15 reps each. If you want more difficulty, you can do them with a dumbbell in each arm.
  • Push-ups. It is a very simple exercise to do at the same time that it is really effective. Lie on your stomach and support your entire body weight on your hands and feet. Go as low as you can without touching the ground and come back up. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.
  • An exercise as easy to do as jumping will help you strengthen your entire bone system. Get as straight as possible and start jumping until you get a few centimeters off the ground.
  • Going for a walk for about 45 minutes a day is perfect for strengthening bones and avoiding the risk of osteoporosis. In the event that you want to add more difficulty, you can climb stairs or slopes that require you to make a greater physical effort.
  • Although it is not one of the most popular and practiced sports, tennis is an excellent exercise when it comes to strengthening the bones of the body. With about 45 minutes a day you will keep them healthy and avoid future bone-type problems.

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