Exercises to get rid of cellulite on the legs at home

Cellulite is a fact that affects a large number of women, regardless of age, physical condition… It is an aspect that the skin presents and that can generate many complexes when it comes to showing the legs.

Luckily, in addition to tips to avoid it, there are actions that can help eliminate it or, at least, reduce it when it has already appeared. On the one hand, eating control and avoiding certain harmful foods and habits, and on the other, physical exercise, which keeps the body firm and toned. But, are there specific exercises to work on cellulite on the legs?

Home exercises to say goodbye to cellulite on the legs

  • Hip abduction. This exercise is done lying on your side, on the floor or on a smooth surface. The leg that is above is raised and lowered without resting on the ground or on the other leg, thus working on the buttocks, hips and thighs laterally.
  • Squats. Undoubtedly, the exercise par excellence to tone the lower body also has benefits when it comes to eliminating cellulite. The fact that it is easy to implement and has multiple variants makes it key if you want to influence this problem.
  • Leg scissors. Like the first exercise, it is performed by lying on one side, raising the legs together without letting them touch the ground, and maintaining this position, perform small kicks with the feet, with the knees extended and the hips tense.
  • Walking squat. It is about walking maintaining this position: knees bent, weight towards the ground, as if you were a ‘dwarf’. If you have joint problems, it is better to shorten the descent distance.
  • Crouch down and get up. This simple exercise is very effective in removing orange peel skin. It is about bending down (as if we wanted to pick up something from the ground) and getting up as quickly as possible, trying to keep the back straight and weight on the heels.

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