10 exercises to shape the female body

The good weather is getting closer and you still have time to start doing a little exercise and sports to achieve a perfect figure. If you want to show off a body of ten this summer, don’t miss out on the following 10 exercises that will help you tone all areas of your body.

10 exercises to have a perfect body

  1. Push-ups. The classic push-ups or push-ups will help you tone the chest and back area. You can start by doing three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.
  2. Stand up and go down to the middle of the knees. It is a perfect exercise to strengthen the glutes and the lower part of the body. Do three sets of 20 to 25 repetitions.
  3. Lie on your back on a mat and keep your knees bent. With your hands behind your neck, raise your trunk and repeat 10 to 15 times. In a short time, you will begin to notice how the belly is getting stronger.
  4. An exercise as simple as jumping rope will help you strengthen your buttocks and thighs. Jump for 5 minutes and in no time you will start getting results.
  5. Walking every day for 45 to 50 minutes is a totally healthy activity that will help you lose fat and recover a perfect body.
  6. It is one of the most complete exercises that exist and is that practically all areas of the body are worked. In addition to improving resistance, you can tone your back, arms or legs.
  7. With just 30 minutes of spinning a day you will burn a large amount of calories and you will be able to strengthen your lower body. Spining is ideal for improving physical resistance and toning the buttocks and thighs.
  8. It is a very complete exercise that is perfect for burning calories and improving endurance. With about 30 minutes a day you will be able to have a perfect body with which to show off in summer.
  9. Another perfect exercise to lose those extra kilos and be able to return to your previous figure is to ride a bicycle. About 45 minutes a day will be more than enough to shape your body and show off it during the summer months.
  10. Go up and down stairs. Although it seems like a very basic and simple exercise, it is perfect for strengthening the entire lower body of your body and increasing your physical resistance. With only 20 minutes a day you will strengthen your buttocks and your legs.

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