Exercises not to do if your legs hurt

It is very normal for a large number of people to suffer leg pain due to the passing of time, poor blood circulation or an injury years ago. In all these cases there are a series of exercises that must be avoided as they would cause a worsening of the area in question.

Exercises to avoid if your legs hurt

  1. Medical experts recommend doing a little exercise to improve circulation in the area and thus avoid severe pain that can occur in the legs. This exercise must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle in which food plays a very important role.
  2. As for the exercises to avoid, it is good to walk calmly and smoothly. However, you should not force yourself and avoid running or walking through places with continuous unevenness since the knees could suffer some kind of serious damage. Another completely prohibited sport is riding a bicycle since you could force your legs too much. As a counterpoint you can do some exercise on a stationary bike and pedal in a smooth way.
  3. In the case of suffering from leg problems, you should avoid other types of exercises as popular as squats, strides or stepping, since these are activities that force the leg or knee area excessively. Having pain in the legs does not mean not doing any physical exercise. You have to know how to choose the right one and do it smoothly and without forcing.

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