7 reasons to practice different sports

It is well known that daily physical exercise has multiple benefits, and it is recommended at practically any age and condition (for example, during pregnancy). Obviously, the type of activity to carry out depends on each person: on their objectives, tastes, or physical condition.
However, it is not advisable to dedicate yourself only to one in particular, since the more difference is contemplated, the more benefits are obtained. If it is not the case of an elite athlete or who is dedicated to competing and -logically- is practically 100% focused on his activity, anyone who wants to do sports for their well-being physical and mental you must seek the variety to achieve it.

Reasons to include variety in your physical activity

  1. Different physical qualities are worked on. Combining different activities and sports allows you to work on endurance, strength and even flexibility.
  2. Creation of new patterns. The fact of varying the activities that are carried out allows not to get used to a certain one and favors the creation of new models and movements.
  3. Creation of challenges. Similar to the previous reason, carrying out new activities means being able to set challenges and goals for yourself and try things that perhaps you had not considered.
  4. Improvement of intelligence. Combining different sports improves certain cognitive functions, as well as being a stimulus at any age, especially in the development stage and in old age.
  5. Improved mood and self-esteem. Mood is positively affected by sports practice, in addition to improving one’s perception of oneself due to the improvements obtained.
  6. Improvement of social relations. Team sport, or simply accompanied, helps to establish links with the people who accompany us and who have at least a similar interest.
  7. Stress and anxiety are avoided and/or combatted. Keeping busy and receiving different stimuli and situations allows you to combat these two states, since you are more prepared for situations that can generate an alteration.

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