Exercises to reduce the volume of the buttocks

The gluteus is a part of the female body that presents very different opinions when it comes to wanting to show it off: while there are women who prefer an athletic, firm and rounded butt, others prefer it rather small and discreet, without standing out for its volume.
Although it is true that by controlling our diet we can influence the reduction of volume in this area, we must also take into account that by reducing weight we can also lose muscle mass or liquids, instead of focusing on fat mass, which it is ultimately what ” occupies ” the most. This is why, in addition to nourishing and hydrating ourselves properly, we must perform physical exercise determined to achieve this end.

How to reduce the butt with exercises?

  • It is important to point out that the exercises should be rather general, since when you want to reduce volume, the ideal is cardiovascular work, which will allow you to mobilize more parts of the body and therefore increase caloric expenditure, although the work may in some cases be more focused on the lower train.
  • Whether on the street, in the mountains, in a spinning class, or doing a stationary bike at home or in the gym, it is an exercise focused on the lower body (legs and buttocks) that favors the burning of fat mass, as well as defining the silhouette. You can play with the intensities, thus resulting in a very complete activity by combining strength and resistance work.
  • Ballet and other dance disciplines. Most dance disciplines involve significant caloric expenditure, and in the case of classical dance and other similar ones, work is done in such a way that a slim figure is achieved, especially in the buttocks and legs.
  • This activity is very popular in gyms, but it can also be done by going up and down a step, or simply walking up and down stairs at a brisk pace daily, instead of using the elevator.
  • Walk and run. Both one and the other are effective when it comes to reducing the volume of the butt, since they combine the work of the lower body together with cardiovascular activity. Although running is a more intense activity, unlike the first one, it is not available to everyone.

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