Exercises to go from a flat butt to a firm butt

To show off a good butt, nowadays it means changing habits, adopting above all an active lifestyle, doing physical activity. The specific exercises for this controversial part of the woman’s body are those that allow it to be toned and enhanced, going from a rather flat and shapeless ass to a round and very tight one.

Exercises to not have a flat butt

  • Climbing stairs is the simplest, daily option and one of the most effective that exists to tone the buttocks. In addition to this, the cardiovascular component that it entails makes the fat mobilize, with which we observe a double benefit on the body.
  • ‘Pistol’ squat. This type of squat is performed on one leg, in such a way that not only these and buttocks are worked, but also stability and balance. It can be done initially with the help of some support, or with a TRX, The knees must be kept together, one stretched forward in suspension and the other bent, which is where the weight of the body is supported.
  • Back kick. This exercise is done standing up, and it is a very typical movement of classical dance in barre work. Keeping the body straight, the abdomen contracted and the leg fully stretched, a kick is carried out backwards, without the foot touching the ground when returning to the starting point.
  • Single leg deadlift. This is the typical deadlift exercise but performed on one leg, which should be almost fully stretched, while the other is placed back, maintaining balance. The back should be straight, with the head facing forward. One or two weights (dumbbells, discs…) are held in the hands to increase the intensity.
  • You have to lie on one side, with your hips and knees bent. Keeping the feet in contact, raise the leg that is on top, without moving the pelvis and without taking the lower leg off the ground.

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