Exercises to raise the butt easily

Undoubtedly, when asking a woman what she would change or improve about her body, there are many numbers that the rear is the chosen option, since it is very characteristic of the female anatomy, and it is attractive not only for them, but also for women. also in the eyes of others.
Over the years and other triggering factors such as bad eating habits , sedentary lifestyle, smoking… The buttocks can lose their firmness and cause them to present a sagging shape that can lead to many complexes.
This is why, if you want to lift your ass, in addition to opting for garments that can hide or improve it, care must be taken with food and physical exercise focused on this objective.

Easy exercises to raise the butt

  • It is about reproducing the movement that is carried out when going on skates, taking a step to cross one leg backwards and the other bent forward, and change. If performed dynamically, the cardiovascular component of the exercise is increased.
  • Kick to the ceiling. In the quadruped position, one leg is bent upwards and an attempt is made to “kick” the ceiling, maintaining the flexion at all times. Care must be taken not to excessively arch the back, to avoid possible pain.
  • Climb stairs It is a simple exercise and can be done in many ways. They can be raised more or less quickly, two by two, taking the weight towards the ground as in a stride or lunge, etc. It is one of the easiest and most effective exercises to get a well-placed butt.
  • Leg Circles. It is carried out in the quadrupedal position. One leg should be fully stretched back, to then circle in one direction and another. These can be combined, making them smaller or larger, to increase the intensity.

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