5 benefits of twerking for an ass 10

Twerking is becoming a very popular type of dance, especially among young girls. The controversies that this style of dance generates and has generated, which is characterized by sensual movements of the hips and buttocks, are gradually being put aside to begin to consider it a method to get in shape and generate social relationships.

In fact, the practice of twerking has multiple benefits, since it is not only about physical improvements, but also has an important factor of mental well-being and increased self-esteem. Being able to be comfortable with your own body and feel ‘divine’ carrying out movements that are sometimes very complicated and that attract attention are reasons why this activity is gaining more followers every day.

5 good things about twerking for the buttocks

  1. Complete muscle toning. By working in different directions and many movements, the muscles are stimulated in all the muscles that make up the gluteal region, thus strengthening the rear as a whole.
  2. Increased firmness and improvement in the appearance of the butt. Not only does it stay strong, but it also encourages the buttocks to rise, improving its appearance and making it more attractive.
  3. Stabilization of the pelvis and lower back. The fact of increasing the tonicity of the buttocks is also a benefit for the back, since it is supported by much firmer muscles and capable of cushioning the possible impacts that may occur.
  4. Fat loss. The fact of carrying out a cardiovascular exercise stimulates the loss of fat mass and burns calories, with which the appearance of the butt is diminished.
  5. Appearance worked and volume in its proper measure. In contrast to the previous point, you not only lose fat and get a small butt, since this type of work also increases the volume of the butt in a balanced way and in line with the body, making it very attractive.

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