5 benefits of spinning like Sofia Vergara

Picking up a habit when we sign up for the gym is something that costs us, and a lot, but if we manage to find an activity that not only makes us feel good, but also brings us closer to our goals, getting into a routine is easier. If what you want is to achieve a figure 10, join spinning! A sport practiced by many celebrities such as the Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara and whose benefits will surely surprise you.

 Learn about the benefits of practicing Spinning like Sofia Vergara

  1. It is perfect for losing weight. In a 45-minute session you can burn up to 500 calories. Thanks to the intensity of the exercise, in which you combine gentle pedaling with moments of greater intensity as well as ups and downs, you sweat more and if you practice it frequently you will lose weight.
  2. It is good for the heart. This type of exercise increases cardiovascular resistance, this helps you to have more strength and get less tired, it also helps to release stress. If you have circulatory problems, you can also resort to this training to notice improvement, albeit with a lower intensity.
  3. Promotes social relationships. It is a sport that we practice in a group which helps us to create ties with other people with similar tastes to ours, we can also “get into it” with others to increase our efforts and obtain better results, that added to music helps us to disconnect and have fun at least a little while we “suffer”.
  4. Strengthens the bones. Practicing spinning brings benefits to bone tissue, making our bones more resistant.
  5. Reduce cellulite. Virtually all women have cellulite regardless of what they weigh, getting rid of it is almost impossible, but what can be done is to hide it. With spinning, in addition to working the areas where it mainly accumulates (buttocks and legs), the circulation and metabolism of fat cells is reactivated. Don’t think twice! Sign up for spinning.

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