9 partner yoga poses: how to do them and what benefits they have

Yoga is a practice that is gaining more and more followers. Perhaps one of the secrets is that we stop for a while to listen to our body without thinking about anything else. During that time our mind is relaxed and tries to resist thinking about worries to simply be and feel. That sounds good!

Are you thinking of practicing this sport with your boy/girl? Before you must take into account certain recommendations, such as, for example, that the ability of certain postures is acquired over time and, therefore, you should not be in a hurry to achieve it. On the other hand, it does not hurt that you have started individually in this practice before doing it with your partner. To know and get in touch with another body, you must first know your own.

If you want to get started in this type of practice, in this article we bring you 9 yoga postures as a couple and we tell you how to do them and what benefits they have for your relationship and for your health. Of course, think that yoga is patience and resistance so do not get frustrated if the first time it does not work out too well. Let’s start!

The advantages of doing yoga with your child 

  • If sport is already good for health and allows us to develop more flexibility, resistance and improve our cardiovascular health, starting to practice sports as a couple is more beneficial than doing it individually. Among other benefits we can find the following:
  • The communication between you. First of all because it will allow you to get to know each other more thoroughly and establish a unique and new communication, a new way of relating and touching each other.
  • Motivation. On the other hand, you will invite each other to practice sports so starting a routine, even if you don’t feel like it, will be easier. When one is more reluctant, the other can pull the couple and vice versa. It will also be much more fun.
  • More exercises. It will also allow you to do exercises that you cannot do independently, so the possibilities of exploration are multiplied.
  • You will improve the relationship. Exercise puts you in a good mood and is leisure time that you can share in a relaxed way and without thinking about other concerns. Your intimate life will also improve, both physically and emotionally. You will feel more united with your partner and you will feel that you know him better.

9 ideal yoga poses to practice as a couple 

  1. Standing stretch 

To do this position, stand back to back with your partner, so that your heels are touching. Then shake hands and let yourself fall forward, without separating the heels and fully extending the arms backwards. Thus, you will be able to stimulate and strengthen lung capacity and trust in the couple. It is a position in which you will be pushing each one to one side and if one lets go, the other will fall.

  1. Relaxation posture 

Sitting on the floor, place yourself cross-legged in the Lotus position, back to back. Then, to achieve the perfect yoga posture, you have to interlock your arms and spend 5 minutes relaxing, breathing and meditating as a couple. This will help you feel more connected and in tune with the other person.

  1. Angle pose

Sit opposite your partner and look at each other face to face. Open your legs as wide as you can, without bending your knees. Position yourself in such a way that your feet touch each other: the right touching the left of your partner and the left touching the right, face to face. The next step is to help your partner’s legs to force flexibility, that is, grab his buttocks to make it easier for you to improve elasticity. Take your time for it, because at first it will not be easy for you.

  1. Couple twist

Sitting back to back again with your legs in the Lotus position, turn your torso slightly to the right side, placing your right hand on your partner’s left knee and your left hand on your right thigh. This will help you to force the posture a little towards that side. Hold 4-8 breaths in this position, then repeat on the other side.

  1. Standing tilt

To do this pose, stand back to back and open your legs a little more than the width of your hips. Bend your back as if to touch your feet with your hands, but instead of touching them, put your hands between your legs to grab those of your partner who will be in the same position. When you start the exercise, your buttocks will separate a little, always keeping your heels close to your partner’s. In this way, we will be able to do some strength to increase flexibility, we will be able to relax and slow down the heart rate.

  1. Strength stance

Position yourself in front of your partner, face to face and so that your toes brush against theirs. Take hold of her forearms and have him/her do the same, and position yourself as if you were sitting. That is, forming a right angle between your legs and the buttock, and another right angle between the buttock and the back. You will be able to strengthen the legs, arms, back and abdomen.

  1. 4-point stance

The member of the couple who has more strength should be placed doing the bridge upwards, that is, holding the body with four points of support (both arms and both feet), with the abdomen straight and the knees bent. Here you will be the support that supports your partner, so strength and communication are important to understand each other.

The other person should lie on top, with their feet under the partner’s armpits. She places the body straight, with the abdomen contracted and so that half of the body protrudes. In this way you will force your abdominals to stay straight and you will be able to strengthen them, in addition to also strengthening the confidence in your partner, on which you will completely depend.

  1. The square

It is about making a square with both bodies. One of the two should sit with their legs and back stretched out and their arms raised, forming a 90º angle. The other person will rest their hands on their partner’s ankles and stretch out their arms. The ankles will be caught by the partner’s arms. In this way, they will be forming the sides of a square thanks to the back and legs. This posture will help to have balance, coordination and, at the same time, to strengthen the abdomen, back and arms, favoring blood circulation.

9. Dog and bow pose

This figure is composed of one of the best known in yoga: the dog. One of the people in the couple will get into that position, that is, standing up and bending the hip to form an acute angle (almost right) with their legs and arms stretched out. The other person will form the arc by lying on their back just in the curve of your partner’s hips. Your hands will touch his ankles, the curve of your back will adapt to the lower part of his, and your legs will fall to the sides of his shoulders. This position will allow you to stretch the pectorals and relieve belly and lower back pain, as well as gain flexibility.

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