Exercises and sports to avoid having a folder ass

It’s official, the flat and slightly toned ass is no longer in fashion. Currently, especially due to the appearance of many famous people who show it off proudly, this part of the body so characteristic of women has come to want to be augmented, and for this reason the operations designed for it are not strange.
However, it is not necessary to reach these limits to be able to boast of firm buttocks with an enviable volume: you simply have to be constant in terms of carrying out physical activity focused on this objective, combined with a healthy diet that promotes a beautiful aesthetic of the rear.

What exercises and sports can help to avoid a flat butt?

  • Swimming contributes to improving the aesthetics of the buttocks and legs and is suitable for almost everyone. The intensity can be increased by adding material such as rubber bands, blades…
  • It is one of the star activities to strengthen buttocks. It can be done in the gym on the exercise bike, or in a spinning class, but without a doubt, the ideal is to pedal outdoors.
  • It is the exercise par excellence to work legs and buttocks. It can be done in different ways, and depending on the opening of the legs, it is intensified in one part or another.
  • Cross fit. This discipline combines global exercises, and allows to increase the muscle mass of the whole body. Buttocks and legs are exercised intensely, achieving well worked buttocks.
  • Any dance discipline works the lower limbs to a greater extent, thus toning the buttocks, as well as burning fat, as it is a cardiovascular activity.
  • Buttock lift. Like the squat, it is a key exercise for anyone who wants to increase volume in the buttocks. It can be done with or without external weight, with which you can combine intensities and levels.
  • Oddly enough, walking is one of the simplest and most effective activities to achieve a minimum of tone and shape in the rear. If, in addition, difficulties such as stairs, slopes are added… The exercise is intensified.

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