Exercises to have firm legs at home

All women tend to accumulate fat locally in the lower body, that is, legs, buttocks and hips. In this way, it is not only important to take care of the diet and other habits that can be harmful, but it is also important to carry out specific physical exercise aimed at toning and hardening the legs.
But, what happens if you don’t have a lot of time, you don’t have the means or you simply aren’t a fan of gyms ? Luckily, there are many ways to work your legs without having to leave the house.

Home exercises to strengthen the legs 

  • ‘Good morning’. This exercise starts from a standing position, with the legs slightly apart and the arms stretched out in front or the hands resting on the back of the neck. The trunk is flexed forward, bringing it to a horizontal position, keeping the back straight; In addition, the knees can be slightly flexed to protect it.
  • Side kick. Lie on your side, with one leg up and the other on the ground bent. The leg that remains above should be raised and lowered without touching the ground, keeping it straight, thus toning the quadriceps muscle of the thigh.
  • Isometric wall squat. Stand with your back against a wall, with your legs slightly forward and slightly apart. Next, raise and lower the weight towards the floor, bending the knees, being careful to follow the line of the feet.
  • Side squat. Stand facing forward with your legs apart. Bend one knee, while the other remains straight, with the feet hooked to the ground at all times. The back should be slightly bent forward and the butt back.

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