5 ideal exercises that will firm your buttocks

The gluteus is a part of the body that women love to have ‘well placed’. The buttocks, as we commonly know them, are made up of various muscles: gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius, and the tensor fascia late, the former being one of the strongest in the body. The rounded shape they present is determined by the superimposition of adipose or fatty tissue.

It is a very important set of muscles due to the function they have in the human body, since they influence the mobility and stability of the pelvis and the spine, playing a fundamental role in the bipedal position and in walking. Obviously, there are factors such as diet that can influence the appearance of the buttocks, but we can do physical activity to tone up and be able to boast of hard buttocks.

The 5 key exercises for firm buttocks  

  1. It is done by positioning yourself on all fours, knees resting on the ground or on a softer surface so as not to hurt yourself. These and the hands are supported, and in this position the leg is flexed to one side, going up and down laterally, as if it were a dog peeing.
  2. Hip lift. This exercise is ideal for getting volume and firming the buttocks. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. The hip must be raised without arching the back, with the abdomen activated, maintaining the position for a few seconds and slowly lowering towards the ground. A dumbbell, disc or any external weight that makes the exercise difficult and intensifies can be added to the legs or hands.
  3. Sumo squat Standing, legs should be separated beyond the width of the shoulders, with the balls of the feet pointing out. Next, lower yourself to the ground, bending your knees and placing your weight on your heels. The abdomen must be tense to protect the back and the chest must not tilt. The descent should be done slowly and controlled, and the ascent somewhat more dynamic. Between the hands you can have a weight to enhance the exercise.
  4. Back stride. From a standing position, step back with one leg, keeping both knees bent and your weight on the floor. Push the body to return to the start and change legs. To increase intensity, like other exercises, you can take some type of weight.
  5. Elevations or step. Place one foot on a step or any higher, sturdy support. Next, raise your hips maintaining support and the rear leg raised, to return to the ground in a controlled manner. Once the exercise is mastered, you can add a pair of dumbbells or a certain weight to make it more intense.

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