Easy exercises that help the ass not fall

Currently, more than the complex for having a small or big butt, it is common for women to worry about the fact that it is saggy, since a firm and toned- looking butt is attractive and an injection of self-esteem to anyone.

Obviously, being able to achieve this is not an easy task and there are many factors to take into account to prevent the gluteal muscles, by not being stimulated and cared for, from giving in to the inevitable effect of gravity and being altered, losing shape and falling.
Therefore, physical activity will be the ally to fight against this fact. It is not necessary to have great equipment or go to the gym, with these simple exercises explained below, following a balanced diet and being constant doing sports, we can have an enviable butt.

Exercises that prevent the fall of the rear

  • This exercise favors aerobic capacity at the same time, when jumping with open legs, trying to touch the ground with your hands and extending your arms towards the ceiling when going up.
  • Walking uphill. A raised surface stimulates the work of the buttocks, having to contract to overcome the resistance of this exercise.
  • Circles with flexed knee. Stand on all fours, supporting hands and knees. Raise one leg toward the ceiling and, keeping the knee bent, circle in and out, always with the foot facing up.
  • Heel lift. This exercise is carried out standing, with ankles together, trying to keep the buttocks and abdomen contracted to increase muscle tension. Next, raise and lower your heels, stimulating the gastrocnemius muscles in addition to the rear.
  • Half squat. This type of squat supposes to have a previous control of the basic ones. The legs must be separated beyond the width of the shoulders and bring the body downwards, without reaching the ground, but remaining at a medium distance.

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