Buttock exercises: get your butt in shape for summer

The butt is one of the sexiest parts of any woman and that is why it is good to have it firm. There’s nothing like a nice hard buttock to show off all summer long. Do not miss out on the following practical and simple exercises that will help you strengthen your butt and keep it in shape for the summer.

Exercises to strengthen the glutes

  • With this easy exercise you will be able to strengthen your buttocks without problems and show off them in summer. Stand upright with your arms close to your body, then step forward with your left leg at a right angle. Do the same again with the other leg. Repeat 15 to 20 times.
  • It is without a doubt the most famous and effective exercise to strengthen the entire rear area. To do this, stand straight and immediately with your arms stretched forward, go down to medium height and go back up. Repeat 20 to 25 times.
  • To perform this exercise, you will need a small mat. Stand with your body straight and up. Immediately afterwards, raise the trunk and maintain this position for a few seconds. Repeat for 10 times and you will see how in a few weeks you have hard buttocks like steel.
  • High knees. With this exercise you will tone the entire rear area in addition to performing a cardiovascular activity. To do this, start jogging while raising your knees as high as possible.
  • When doing this exercise you can use the stairs of your house or a small bench or chair. It consists of going up the step and going down it about 20 to 25 times. If you want immediate results, add speed and effort to the exercise itself.

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