5 perfect exercises to tone your abs

Now that the good weather is approaching and the temperatures are starting to rise, it is important to get in shape to show off a good physique on the beach or in the pool. One of the most important areas of the body are the abdominals and there is nothing better than having marked and toned abs. Take good note of the following 5 exercises that will help you strengthen your abs.

5 exercises to strengthen the abs

  • Oblique abs. Grab a mat and lie on your side with your feet and legs resting on each other. Rest your hand on the ground and raise your body. You must maintain this position for about 20 seconds and then do the same on the opposite side. This exercise is perfect for developing the oblique abdominals.
  • Mountain climbers. With this exercise you will simulate that you are climbing a mountain helping to strengthen the belly area. Get on all fours on the ground and immediately stretch your legs and contract them to the trunk itself. You must simulate the act of climbing to get good results.
  • V abdominals. To perform this exercise, you must lie down on a mat and begin to contract your knees to your trunk and form a figure of about 45 degrees in a V shape. It is a more complicated exercise but with excellent results at time to strengthen the abs.
  • Leg raises. Lie on your back and place your knees in an L shape. Immediately afterwards, raise your trunk as high as you can and perform 10 to 15 repetitions. Although it costs you at first, the results are perfect for obtaining firm and strong abs.
  • Bicycle crunches. To perform this exercise, you must lie on your back fully stretched and begin to contract your legs towards the trunk area. First one leg and then the other until you perform 15 to 20 repetitions. You must simulate the pedaling of a bicycle.

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