4 types of squats to achieve a bulky ass

This is why the ass has gone from being a part that was wanted to be kept small and rather hidden, to wanting to give it its natural rounded shape, keeping it firm and voluminous. Therefore, to be able to boast of a voluminous butt, a balanced and adequate diet must be followed, in addition to physical activity aimed at achieving this objective. Squats are a very effective exercise for the glutes, as well as working other parts involved.

4 squats to get volume in the buttocks

Squats are an exercise focused on the lower body, so they get enviable legs and buttocks if you are constant in their performance.

  • Squat with fitball. A fitball is placed on the back, leaning against the wall, to perform the exercise while keeping the muscles of the abdomen and back activated.
  • Sumo squat in this exercise, the legs are placed more apart than shoulder width, to increase the intensity in the gluteal work. To add more difficulty, an external weight can be held in the arms, bringing it towards the ground.
  • Bulgarian squat. One leg is placed behind, with the foot resting on a higher surface, maintaining balance. The lunge or stride exercise should be performed but counting on this difficulty that allows greater activation of the buttocks and legs,
  • Jump squat. The exercise has a high cardiovascular component. A jump should be performed when coming up from the squat, taking care to land by bending the knees and keeping the weight back, to avoid injury.

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