Belly like a board?

Although the current beauty canons impose certain standards that are difficult to achieve on both men and women, many of us insist on incorporating some of them like that of a flat stomach like a table, a requirement that contradicts even human anatomy.In the case of women, the rectus abdomen has among its potential enemies fluid retention, copious meals, premenstrual syndrome, constipation, stretching and stretching of the skin during pregnancy, aerophagia, hormonal changes, bad eating habits, sedentary life and lack of exercise. It is important that you can identify which of these causes is the one that affects it and thus be able to act accordingly.

After pregnancy it is difficult for the skin to return to its initial state, but not impossible. Extraordinary hydration during every day of pregnancy will help you prevent flaccidity and stretch marks. Later, after consulting with the gynecologist to make sure that the uterus has returned to its normal position, it is convenient to do exercises that strengthen the abdominal area.

Causes that threaten the beauty of the abdomen

  • Fluid retention and constipation: they are typical of overweight people or women who have undergone menopause. A good therapy is to undergo a diet rich in protein (meat, fish, eggs), vegetables and fruits. Legumes, pasta and rice should only be consumed a couple of times a week. Constant and regular exercise such as walking, walking for an hour a day at a brisk pace, or riding a bicycle will help you.
  • Premenstrual syndrome can cause great fluid retention that can raise the scale up to two kilos more. At this stage of your menstrual cycle you should drink a lot of water, reduce the consumption of salt and alcohol, and bet on the intake of salads and vegetables such as celery, cucumber, spinach or zucchini, which will help you eliminate excess of liquids.
  • Aerophagia has among its main causes the ingestion of some foods, including cabbages, onions, peppers or sparkling water, which can multiply your gases, as well as the consumption of tobacco and chewing gum, since the air that ingested forcibly ends up in the digestive tract.
  • Poor posture: Do not forget that a correct posture favors the placement of the abdomen: keep your back straight, push out your chest, let your arms fall gently, and your belly will tighten on its own.

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