4 perfect exercises to avoid having a sagging butt

The fact that the buttocks lose firmness and the effect of fall occurs is a fact that cannot be avoided due to many factors due to the force of gravity and the passage of time. However, against a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, which are two very present factors, action can be taken, and the fact of carrying out physical activity and small changes in habits (climbing stairs, using the car less, etc.) is very surprising.) when observing changes and improvements in the body.

4 definitive exercises against the sagging ass 

  1. Hip thrust. It is the key exercise to firm and shape the buttocks. The back should be supported on a flat and somewhat elevated surface. Next, keeping a weight a little higher than the thighs to give intensity to the exercise, raise and lower the hips towards the ceiling.
  2. Footsteps from side to side. Standing in quadruped, stretch one leg touching the foot to one side and the other maintaining this extension, and trying to go as far as possible with each step.
  3. Displacements in squat. This exercise can be done more or less intensely. Maintaining the squat position, move back and forth. If you want to increase the difficulty, you can do it by jumping instead of walking, which stimulates the cardiovascular system.
  4. Back stride. Strides or lunges are a very effective exercise to work glutes. In this case, instead of moving forward, one leg is thrown and then the other back, keeping the body straight and the knees bent to protect the back.

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