5 cardio exercises to lose weight and get fit

If what you want is to lose weight, your thing is cardio exercises. Do not fool yourself, with the weights you can tone up, but if what you really want is to burn fat and lose weight, what you should do is cardiovascular exercises. Running, jumping rope, climbing stairs, riding a bicycle… there are many options, but if you want to do a complete circuit this is yours, with 2 minutes for each exercise and doing it 3 times with 1.5 minute breaks you will achieve your goals aim!

 Routine of 5 cardiovascular exercises to lose weight

  1. Cone circuit. Place 5 cones at a distance of at least a couple of meters, run towards the first cone, go down and touch it, but do not go down with your body forward but by bending your knees and making an effort with your legs, run back to the previous one and once you have touched the first go for the third. We always play one and go back to the previous one until we complete all 5, then run back to the beginning and start again.
  2. Lateral step jumps. Take a step, stand sideways with one foot on it and the other below, when you start you should change feet while you jump, so that one foot is always on the center of the step, you will jump to the side, keep a good and constant rhythm.
  3. Climb stairs two by two. Do you have some stairs handy? if so, go up the stairs two steps at a time, there is no need to run, lest you fall, then run down. Go up and down at least 5 times.
  4. Jump rope Go back in time, grab a skipping rope and jump! but yes, do not do it to the rhythm of the schoolyard songs, give it a greater intensity and do it with your feet together for 2 minutes.
  5. A walk around the block, through a park, from one end of the gym to the other… run for 2 minutes intensely, it’s not worth watching life go by even slowly, give it a go!

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