5 classes directed to lose weight fast

The main reason for wanting to join a gym is usually to lose weight. Directed activities are usually chosen for this purpose, because they are entertaining, fun and are usually suitable for almost all audiences.
Although it is clear that we should not only rely on physical exercise to lose weight, since healthy eating and habits must also be present, there are various classes that are usually taught in all sports centers and that can help us achieve our goal.

The 5 classes directed to lose weight

  • It is a class choreographed to the rhythm of Latin music. The choreographies, which have basic steps, are repeated for a while, making it easy to follow. The fact that there is not much pause other than when the song changes makes Zumba an intense activity designed to burn calories.
  • It consists of a physical activity using a large inflatable ball or fitball, working on cardiovascular, strength and balance exercises, assuming an intensity that promotes weight loss.
  • It is a training, generally in the form of a circuit, where certain times of intense cardiovascular and strength work are combined, with times of active rest. It is therefore very effective when it comes to losing weight and at the same time maintaining and gaining muscle.
  • It is an activity carried out in the water, in which elements such as dumbbells, balls are used, focused on muscle toning and other more intense exercises, taking advantage of the non-impact of the environment. It is ideal for the elderly, with joint problems or other injuries, and for pregnant women.
  • Power jump. It is an innovative class that runs on a small elastic surface called a minitramp. Different intense exercises are performed to the rhythm of the music, facilitating aerobic work and with it weight loss.

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