5 types of exercises to gain muscle mass

Now that little by little the good weather is approaching and there is less to say goodbye to the winter season, it is a good time to get in shape and develop some muscle in the body. Do not lose detail of the 5 exercises that will help you to show off some wonderful muscles and show off a scandalous body.

5 exercises to develop muscles

  • With this exercise you will be able to work the entire lower part of your body. Separate your legs and push your butt back. Go down as if you were going to sit down and go back up. Repeat 15-20 times to build leg and buttock muscles.
  • Push-ups. With this simple exercise you can tone the pectoral area, shoulders and arms. It’s as easy as lying face down on the balls of your feet and with your arms stretched out with your palms on the floor. Start by lowering your body without touching the ground and repeat 8 to 10 times.
  • The following exercise consists of a combination of squats with push-ups. To do this, perform a squat and lower to the ground, perform a push-up and then jump, raising your hands upwards. Repeat 8 to 10 times. It is an exercise that serves to tone the body and to lose a few extra kilos.
  • With this exercise you will work the lower train of your body. Get on a bench or step and put one foot up. Then lower it and raise the other. Does this exercise for about 10 minutes at your own pace and little by little you will see good results?
  • The last exercise consists of some abdominals to strengthen and develop the entire belly area. Lie on your back and raise your trunk until your shoulders touch your knees without lifting your feet. Repeat 15 to 20 times until you notice that you have worked the abdomen.

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