Exercises to get a rounder butt easily

There are many parts of the female body that create controversy and differing opinions. The butt is one of them, since there are very varied tastes; some prefer to have a rather small and indifferent ass, others, following the current model of the world of celebrities, want it to be voluminous and attention-grabbing. Obviously, each person is different and there is no ideal body pattern.

However, one of the things that is most longed for is to boast of rounded buttocks, which is ultimately the shape that characterizes this area. There is no other secret to achieve this than to maintain a healthy diet and carry out physical exercise, since only by activating the muscles that make up the rear and exercising them both generally and specifically can optimal toning and an enviable appearance be achieved. from anyone.

What exercises to carry out to show off a round butt?

  • Climb stairs This is one of the best exercises and at the same time the simplest and most daily to keep your butt in place. Step by step the muscles of the legs and buttocks are activated and at the same time the cardiovascular component is worked, important for losing weight.
  • Specific exercises in quadrupeds or lying down. The exercises that are carried out in this position work the buttocks in a very specific way (doggies, opening and closing legs, bridge raises), since this area is activated in an almost unique way.
  • Exercises in standing with weight. The exercises that are performed standing up, and especially if an external weight is used in addition to one’s own, increase the intensity and thus the gluteal muscles are requested to a greater extent. Examples of this are the deadlift, sumo squat, and “good morning.”
  • Aerobic exercises. An important fact to boast of a good butt is to lose fat in the area to be able to more easily increase the muscular component, in addition to improving appearance. Activities that mobilize the cardiovascular system and imply a little stress on the muscle, such as skating, sports like CrossFit, volleyball… are ideal for achieving this.

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