5 sports that keep your butt toned

To keep the butt toned and firm, it is necessary to perform physical activity on a daily and constant basis. There are different options to work this area, from both specific and global lower body exercises (squats, lunges, doggies…) to targeted activities and gym machines focused on improving the aesthetics of the buttocks.

As this certain ‘monotony’ can sometimes be boring, there are different sports that work and harden the butt without being specific exercises, being more attractive and entertaining options if you are not a fan of gyms or conventional routines.

What sports keep a toned butt?

  1. The constant position that is maintained (semi-flexed knees) causes the legs and buttocks to become hard. In addition, the combination of isometric positions, jumps and receptions means that cardiovascular work is always accompanied by specific lower body toning.
  2. Although mainly in this activity there is an aerobic resistance work, the effect it has on the legs and on the buttocks is important. Although this is not as activated as in other sports, it is good to include the bicycle in this list for the ease and affordability of its practice.
  3. This fashionable training allows you to shape the body in its entirety. Performing high- intensity lower body exercises allows you to sculpt your butt and keep it firm.
  4. Although it is not considered a sport, there are different types of dances (twerk, dancehall…) that work in maintained positions of leg and buttock exercises and, in the case of twerk, making this muscle the protagonist of the activity.
  5. Although its practice is not so popular, it is ideal for working the glutes, since they are in continuous movement and the position that is adopted from the squat on top of the table causes them to be significantly strengthened.

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