5 great exercises to lose belly at home

The belly is one of the areas of the body where more fat tends to accumulate. Now that the beach season is approaching, it is important to have a firm abdomen to show off a spectacular physique. With the following 5 exercises you will have no problems when it comes to saying goodbye to the happy belly and having a completely flat stomach.

5 exercises to say goodbye to the belly

  1. Few exercises are as effective to lose the belly than the abdominals. Grab a mat and lie on your back. Bend your legs and put your hands under the neck. Raise the trunk and without exerting force on the neck. Perform about 3 series of 10 to 15 repetitions.
  2. Grab a mat and lie on your stomach with your forearms and the balls of your feet supported. Hold this position for about 20 seconds and then rest. Do a couple of sets of 5 to 10 repetitions and in a short time you will start to lose the accumulated fat from the belly.
  3. Leg raises. Lie on your back with your legs and arms fully extended. Immediately afterwards, raise your legs halfway up and hold them for a few seconds. Return to your starting position. Repeat 10 to 25 times in a couple of sets. It is a hard exercise but with good and optimal results.
  4. Hip rotation. It is a very simple exercise to do and does not require much effort. You must stand up with your hands behind your neck and with your knees slightly bent. Then turn to the left and then to the right. Repeat 20 to 25 times and little by little the belly will disappear.
  5. Although you think that squats are perfect for strengthening the buttocks and legs, it is a perfect exercise to eliminate kilos from the belly. You should do about 3 series of 40 to 45 repetitions each to obtain optimal results.

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