Body combat: stronger, more resistant and thinner

Gyms and sports centers usually have a wide range of classes for all tastes. Among these is Body Combat, an activity that has more and more followers. It is a program owned by the franchise that combines movements and techniques from different martial arts (kick boxing, muay thai, karate…) following the rhythm of the music in a kind of choreography that is maintained for a certain time.

It is a very powerful cardiovascular exercise, it cannot be done by anyone, since you must have a certain physical condition. The classes last between 50-60 minutes and martial arts gloves or bandages are usually used as part of the outfit, to better get into the role of a warrior.

Benefits of this exercise on the body

  • Improvement of aerobic resistance and fat burning. This type of exercise causes the metabolism to speed up and burn fat more quickly, making it ideal for losing weight.
  • Tones upper and lower train. It is a very global exercise, so the shoulders, arms, legs and buttocks benefit by improving their appearance and increasing their muscles.
  • Hardens the abdomen. Core work is very important in this activity, so the belly loses fat and becomes slimmer, while the muscles in the area tone up.
  • Improved coordination. The fact of combining different movements in the form of choreography favors an increase in the coordination capacity, flexibility and agility of the body.

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