5 ways to get a firm butt without too much bulk

Well positioned and toned buttocks are everyone’s dream, since it is more attractive than having a small butt. However, excessive exercise located in this area causes the muscle to grow and therefore its volume, with the consequent increase in the size of the butt. Although this may be ideal for some, since it is fashionable and many celebrities have shown it without any complex, for others it may not be their goal. So, is it possible to get a very firm butt but without being too bulky?

5 tips to show off firm buttocks and in their right measure

  1. Cardiovascular exercise in its proper measure, so as not to lose muscle. High intensity exercise or HIIT is ideal since you work very powerfully for short intervals of time.
  2. Lose body fat. Burning calories through exercise and eating a balanced diet allows you to lose fat tissue from all over the body, which improves the appearance of the buttocks, making them smaller and harder.
  3. Perform global exercises. Not only concentrating the work on specific exercises in this area (doggies, hip thrust…) allows the muscle not to grow excessively and tones the whole body equally.
  4. So that the muscle can look toned but not excessively increased, the area must be stretched well at the end of the exercise, not only to avoid injuries but also to be able to relax it and not grow more than we want.
  5. Avoid sitting. Sitting for a long time does not benefit the buttocks at all. It is best to get up every hour and, if possible, exercise in the chair. Climbing stairs. It is one of the best ways to get a hard butt. Avoiding going in the elevator and daring to move your legs and bottom one step at a time is a cheap and effective way to achieve this goal.

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