5 exercises that get a firmer butt at home

The firmness and toning of the buttocks is a fact that unfortunately is not given genetically, nor by magic. Being able to flaunt a hard and beautiful butt is available to everyone, but it is true that, although diet can be modified and controlled in any case, with physical exercise there can be various reasons for not being able to do it. On the one hand, there may not be a center or gym nearby, there may be a very inflexible and saturated schedule and sometimes this is combined with an economyfair that does not allow hiring a coach to help achieve this goal.

That is why there are simple exercises that can help improve the firmness of the buttocks with a little daily practice.

5 exercises to get your ass up at home

  1. Walking with the ass. This exercise, which can be silly, helps to make your ass rock hard. It is about keeping legs stretched out on the ground, and walking forwards and backwards on the buttocks, trying not to exert any kind of force on the legs. In addition, abdominals are also worked.
  2. Doggy circles. In quadruped position, raise one knee bent to the side, as in doggie exercises, and draw circles in one direction and the other.
  3. Combined stride steps. It is about walking a certain distance in stride or lunge forward, separating the legs and bending the knees, keeping the weight low, and the same going backwards. An external weight, such as water bottles, can be held in the hands.
  4. Frogs with closed legs. This exercise is intense and works, in addition to the gluteus, legs and cardiovascular system. Legs must be joined and bent towards the ground, touching it with the hands; then jump as high as possible. If there are joint problems, instead of this option, raise your feet to stay on tiptoe.
  5. Throws to the ceiling. In quadruped, fully extend one leg back, kicking hard and bringing it toward the ceiling without lowering the knee.

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