6 benefits of practicing kick boxing like Adriana Lima

Kick boxing has become a female led sport due to its multiple benefits. Numerous celebrities have introduced it to their daily exercise routine to show off a statuesque body.

Learn about its benefits and sign up to kick and punch like the top model Adriana Lima.

Kick boxing: complete exercise for a body 10

  1. Lose weight and tone: kick boxing is a high-impact aerobic exercise, so when practicing it, a very large energy expenditure is generated, which makes the muscles work and calories are lost.
  2. Improve coordination and reaction speed: it is an exercise made up of precise and fast movements with which to counteract your opponent’s blow and attack, thus increasing the coordination and reaction speed of those who practice it.
  3. Increase strength and cardiopulmonary resistance: Due to the great physical effort it requires, this exercise will not only increase flexibility, burn calories and improve coordination, but also increase strength and cardiovascular condition.
  4. Self-defense technique: this sport is an effective self-defense technique that, in case of an attack in real life, helps to know how to defend yourself.
  5. Relieves stress: like all exercise, practicing it generates endorphins (the so-called happiness hormones) that make our mood improve and release tension and stress from day to day.
  6. Raises self-esteem: learning to fight along with stress relief and physical benefits, make self-esteem and self-confidence improve.

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