Everything you need to know about jumping fitness

Are you bored going to the gym? Does running seem like the most boring sport in the world to you? Do you want to see results and quick changes in your body from day one? Then, jumping fitness will be your new sporty routine.

What is jumping fitness

  • It is a new form of training that will help you train all the muscles in your body while eliminating toxins and fat from your body. It consists of jumping on a trampoline while doing various exercises. The idea is to do exercises such as squats and lunges while maintaining stability thanks to the strength that the core gives us.
  • The usual thing in jumping fitness is to carry out an exercise routine as if it were an aerobics choreography in which the legs, arms and abdomen work mainly. An exercise that will help you tone the whole body. Of course, the negative part is that not everyone has a trampoline at home or in their gym. If you are one of those who will not be able to have access to a large elastic cleat, we tell you that there are some very small and foldable ones in which you can train at home.

Benefits of jumping fitness

  1. The first and most important benefit is that it allows you to burn fat very quickly due to the need for the entire body to work to maintain balance. In 60 minutes you can burn 700 calories thanks to the changes in gravity.
  2. The second is that you get to activate 400 muscles at the same time while exercising. And the third is the resistance capacity that your body will gain thanks to jumping fitness.

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