5 fundamental exercises to strengthen glutes

Spring is just around the corner and now is a good time to start losing those extra kilos and show off your body. The buttocks area is a part of the body that is important to strengthen in order to look type on the beach. Do not lose detail of the following 5 exercises that are very easy to do and that will help you strengthen your buttocks.

5 exercises to strengthen your glutes

  1. It is one of the best exercises that exist to strengthen the rear area. To do this, separate your legs at shoulder height and gradually bend your knees, keeping your back straight and firm. If you want more intensity you can take a pair of dumbbells. Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions each.
  2. With this exercise you will work the entire lower body area. Advance one of the legs and form a right angle. Return to your starting position and do the same with the other leg. Do 3 series of 18 repetitions and you will see how in a short time the buttocks are strengthened and toned.
  3. Horse kick. Get on a mat on all fours and rest your forearms along with your knees. Immediately afterwards, raise the leg back forming a right angle. You must keep your back straight and your entire abdomen contracted. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions on each leg.
  4. This is a very fashionable exercise today and it is perfect for strengthening the entire gluteal area. In addition to helping you get a firm butt, it will allow you to burn a large number of calories and regain your ideal weight while riding a bike.
  5. Up and down. With this easy and simple exercise, you will get strong and perfect glutes. Gradually build up the intensity and speed up and down the stairs to burn more calories and work your lower body.

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