5 cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women

Physical exercise during pregnancy has multiple benefits. In general, unless it is a risk pregnancy or there are complications, it is advisable to always play sports, always with the medical consent and under the supervision of appropriate professionals.

Obviously, there will be many changes in the type of exercise and the way to carry it out. All those activities that have impact, high intensity or contact sports, in addition to abdominal work, should be removed.

Benefits of exercising while pregnant

There are many benefits to both the body and the mind. It improves sleep, reduces possible pain, strengthens muscles, prevents tissue weakness… Focusing on cardiovascular exercise specifically, during pregnancy it does not matter in terms of losing weight, but because it improves blood circulation and therefore the cardiorespiratory system. In addition, it prevents the appearance of gestational diabetes, hypertension and other possible complications, also favoring the recovery of the body in the postpartum period.

The 5 cardiovascular exercises recommended in pregnancy

  1. March on site. It is about marching in the same place, with the knees up, trying to maintain this elevation and a good rhythm. As the pregnancy progresses, this distance and intensity should be lowered.
  2. This exercise is very simple. It is very typical of dance disciplines, classes like aerobics, step…Try to draw a V-shape with your legs, opening your legs forward and joining them back. It can be done first with the right dominating, and then with the left.
  3. Skating or skiing should be simulated. Standing with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, change position by crossing one leg behind you, with the opposite arm extended in front. Go changing position always passing through the initial in the middle.
  4. Knee to chest. This exercise is performed first with one leg, and then with the other. The knee is raised quickly towards the chest – carefully, and depending on the state of pregnancy, rather than the chest, it should be brought towards the shoulder – keeping the body slightly leaned forward and the other leg fixed on the ground.
  5. Heel to gluteus. The heels should be raised towards the buttocks, alternately and tilting the weight from one side to the other. To increase the intensity, you can add forward punches by stretching and pulling your arms in as if you were boxing.

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