4 essential substitutes that can serve as a yoga mat

Have you ever practiced yoga? It is a perfect exercise to strengthen muscles, become aware of our body and connect with our inner world. Whether you are all an expert or just starting out in the world of yoga, what is not worth as an excuse is that you do not do it because you do not have a mat. If you can’t buy one for whatever reason, surely you have one of these 4 essential substitutes that can serve as a yoga mat. Do not miss it!

What can I use instead of a yoga mat?

You cannot go buy your mat, you have ordered it online and it will take a few days to arrive… There is no excuse! It is true that professional yoga mats are the best, but that does not mean that you cannot use your imagination and use as a substitute some other material that you have at home, such as…

A simple cushion

For a cushion to double as a yoga mat, it must be as flat as possible. On the other hand, if the cushion is very small you can use two or three. Place them next to each other and start enjoying a pleasant yoga session. They may move a bit when doing certain positions, but your knees and other joints will be safe.

Rescue your old camping mat

It’s yoga time so why not salvage your old yoga mat? It may not seem like the most practical thing in the world to you, but at least you can do a few exercises without hurting yourself.

The house rug also serves as a substitute for the yoga mat

You step on it every day and you never stopped to think about how fluffy it is. Well yes, we are talking about the large, comfortable and cozy rug that you have in the living room at home and that can be used to do yoga without thinking about anything else. Perhaps this is one of the best options we have at hand.

And if you do yoga directly on the floor?

No, we already know that it is not valid for many postures, but for others that are done standing or squatting, perhaps it can save the situation. If you really want to stretch, go ahead, just be careful not to hurt your wrists and ankles.

Extra tips to keep in mind before your yoga class at home

  • What should I prepare before doing yoga at home? Well, first of all, the material and, second, planning the exercises. We have already seen that our yoga mat, for the moment, is going to be somewhat rudimentary, so it is worth visualizing the exercises and yoga postures that you are going to do before starting and adapting them a bit to the material that you are going to use as a mat, so you can do your class well without having to stop every two by three.
  • Before and after doing yoga Clean the material well, especially if you are going to use the carpet or camping mat that you had more than forgotten in the storage room. You can use a commercial spray or make your own based on tea tree essential oil (about 15 drops for a 75 cc spray bottle), a pinch of vinegar and a little water. On the other hand, remember to ventilate the room where you are going to do yoga so that possible odors do not bother you when you are in full meditation.

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