7 tips to resume exercise after the holidays

We know that the holidays are a period to relax and enjoy family meals, naps on the beach, beers with friends… But with the return to routine, it is time to reactivate our body.

Feel active again after the holidays

  1. First of all, psych yourself up: remember how beneficial exercise is for your health and how good it feels for your body to get active again. In addition, psychologically it helps to reinforce self-esteem and be more positive for these hard months of work or study. What more could you want?
  2. Before you start, set yourself a specific goal. If what you want is to run a marathon or lose 5 kilos, write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a visible place like the fridge, for example, and that way you will remember your goal every day.
  3. Once the goal is set, determine the type of exercise you are going to do. If you are trying to lose weight, choose an aerobic activity like running, while if you want to tone up or gain flexibility you will have to opt for yoga, Pilates or weights. From there, define days, times and place to practice it.
  4. Do you have the previous points clear? Well, then let’s get to work: Since you’ve been a while without exercising your muscles, take care of them. Start doing your physical activity with slow movements, and if you use weights, do it with the smallest ones and gradually increase them. Go progressively and without demanding too much.
  5. Very important: Warm-up and stretching of the muscles. Do a series of exercises and gentle movements before any sport to help prepare your body for the activity, thus preventing injuries. After exercise, stretch so that your muscles and joints reduce their intensity from the effort and return to their natural state.
  6. Remember to hydrate before, during and after physical activity. When you exercise for a long time, your body loses more water than it can produce; that is why you have to replace it and thus avoid dehydrating yourself.
  7. If you need it, go to a physical trainer or a teacher who will advise you on the type of exercise you are carrying out and help you achieve your goal. Today it is very easy to find a person to guide your activity and motivate you.

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