CrossFit: 5 benefits of this type of training

CrossFit has become one of the fashionable sports that adds followers at times. But do you really know what it consists of?

Something that we all know is that the routine revolves around intensity, but what else? With this routine, you also involve your whole body and not just specific parts, yes, if you are going to join this type of exercise you should first be in shape. Ready to give it your all? This is what you will get thanks to CrossFit.

 5 benefits of practicing CrossFit

  1. Helps improve aerobic capacity. If you want to increase your resistance and improve your sports skills (speed, coordination, agility…) this is your training. Eye! Don’t believe that only force is worked.
  2. You lose weight. Thanks to this type of training you manage to lose weight and not quickly but constantly, thus avoiding the dreaded rebound effect. You also reduce the percentage of body fat since the intensity with which you work leads you to lose fat in addition to helping you tone your muscles.
  3. Increased strength and muscle power. Many of the exercises that are performed are with body weight, so that you gain in line with your body, which translates into strengthening all your muscles, and gaining strength.
  4. It takes little time. Today, one of the biggest inconveniences for ordinary mortals is the lack of time to go to the gym, we barely have 30 minutes or an hour left over a day, which we consider to be little. With this type of training you will have plenty. The average of these exercises is 20 to 30 minutes, you will no longer have excuses!
  5. Create personal bonds. Normally this type of training is in a group, which allows you to interact with other people while exercising. You will be able to meet new people with common interests to yours and make new friends. And last, and not least, like the rest of sports, it will help you clear your mind, leaving aside the stress of your daily life and the bad vibes.

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