Dancehall: what is it and what is it for in sport

Dancehall is a style of music that has its origins in Jamaican culture. Although the type of dance has things in common with hip hop, the place where they come from and the style of dance is very different.
It is a very sensual dance, with references to African and Caribbean dances, in which the movement of the hips, similar to twerking, is the key to being the queen of the floor.

Dance schools and academies, as well as other centers that offer activities, are committed to dancehall, which in Jamaican culture is a way of social encounter.

Benefits of doing dancehall for the body

  • Improves the cognitive functions of the brain. The stimulation of different areas of it favors a better motor function, spatial orientation and decision-making and planning, among others.
  • Improves cardiovascular endurance. The aerobic exercise that is carried out favors the improvement of this system, with which a healthier heart is achieved, in addition to all the benefits that this type of work contemplates.
  • Tones the lower train. The type of posture that is maintained is with semi-flexed knees, as if it were a half squat. Therefore, the legs and buttocks benefit and harden, improving their appearance.
  • Hardens torso and abdomen. The movement that is carried out on these areas encourages them to tone up, so that the belly presents a flatter and more defined appearance, reducing the waist and gaining muscle mass at the same time.

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