Do you have low back pain? These exercises are prohibited

Back pain is a very common problem in many women today due to the large number of hours they spend sitting at work or not warming up when practicing sports. Prolonged back pain usually ends in low back pain and disables the person to do certain things or daily tasks. Do not lose detail of a series of exercises that you should never do in case you suffer from low back pain.

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Exercises to avoid if you suffer from low back pain 

  1. Although many specialists in the field recommend exercising the back, to counteract the pain that you may have in it, it is important to know before starting, which are those exercises that are totally prohibited since they could cause an aggravation of the affected area.
  2. In the event that you suffer from low back pain, you should avoid stretching your legs and touching the tips of your feet with your hands. This type of activity could cause very serious damage to the ligament area. Another area of ​​the body that you should avoid working on is the abdominals. By applying too much force with your hips, you can aggravate the painful area and further aggravate low back pain.
  3. Another type of exercise that is totally prohibited consists of lying on the floor and raising your legs in order to tone the abdomen area. This activity can cause the issue of low back pain to worsen much more. You should avoid doing exercises in which the area in question is affected and opt for others in which the back is not involved.

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