5 ideal exercises to have a flat abdomen fast

Being able to boast of a flat stomach is not something easy to achieve. There are many factors that influence, from more complex such as genetics, physical constitution… to other more everyday ones such as diet and physical exercise. Since it is difficult to act on biological factors, we must focus on the last two mentioned, modifying certain behaviors and habits that can help us achieve a smooth and enviable abdomen.

Abdominals to not have a belly

Although it is popularly believed that performing abdominal exercises is the effective way to lose belly, it is not entirely true, since there are various exercises of this type that involve other muscles, such as the back, and therefore can be harmful rather than beneficial. To tone the abdomen, they are ideal, but there must be a more complete mobilization of the body that involves other parts of it, in addition to some cardiovascular work that helps fat loss.

The 5 definitive exercises for an ideal stomach

  • The iron is an ideal exercise to strengthen not only the abdomen, but also shoulders, arms and buttocks. The forearms and hands should be placed at a distance slightly greater than the width of the shoulders. Next, leaning on the toes, raise the body until supporting its weight on the arms. You must keep your head neutral and your spine straight, squeezing your buttocks and abdomen to protect your back.
  • It is a very complete exercise, since it has a high cardiovascular component. It involves various parts of the body such as the legs and buttocks, abs, shoulders and arms. Begin standing, feet shoulder-width apart. They rest their hands on the floor, stretching their legs backwards, ending up in a position to perform a push-up. It can also be done without doing this last part.
  • Lateral rotations. In a sitting position with legs bent and feet supported, the back is tilted backwards so that the abdomen is activated, keeping the head in a neutral position so as not to overload the neck. Next, twists are made to one side and to the other of the trunk, keeping the legs fixed. If you carry a certain weight between your hands, the exercise is intensified.
  • It is a very complete exercise, which works at the cardiovascular level, involving the legs, abdomen, shoulders and chest. It is done resting the hands on the ground, separated at the width of the shoulders, with the elbows stretched. The legs are placed back and one is stretched out and the other bent, bringing the knees closer to the chest alternately and quickly, as if one were running without leaving the site.
  • These exercises are worked adopting different positions such as standing, quadruped… and they are basically respiratory. By performing apneas, relaxation of the diaphragm is allowed, promoting at the same time a toning of the deepest muscle of the abdomen, the transversus muscle, at the same time as a decrease in the waist circumference and an increase in perineal tone.

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